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How it all began back in 1995

Foundation President Terry Hobson tells:

"What are you going to do with your cars?"

These are the words that started it all, the words that have stuck in my mind from the day that my good friend, the late Adrian Ross dropped into my premises in late 1994 to have our usual conversation about, what else, but cars.

Adrian was accompanied by his son Lyle and the pair were just about inseparable.

I thought about what he'd said for a moment and then I realised that the '37 and '38 Packards that my wife Robbie and I owned needed to be on "club" registration and of course you had to be a member of a club.

We were in between clubs at that time so after thinking about it for a moment I gave Adrian his answer:

"I would like to form a club where we would accept all forms of classic cars and have just a few friendly members to share outings together."

Adrian's reply was, "I'm there with you, and Lyle could produce our magazine."

So we decided to organise a meeting and invited some others who we thought could be interested.

Then I got a phone call from Donna Ashcroft who was straight to the point and said, "I believe you are going to start a new club, and if you are I would like to be the Secretary."

By now the wheels were turning and that initial meeting was held at Bob and Donna Ashcroft's house in January of 1995.

We had invited a group of interested people to put forward ideas and discuss the new venture. It was decided to proceed further as we had enough people who keen enough to become members. A name for the club was created, a committee was formed and incorporation was organized.

It was off and running.

The club has grown over the years but our unwritten motto still rings true:

"People and cars, in that order."

I believe this club can be proud of its growth and the members within. Our class of vehicles are of an outstanding and varied nature and the camaraderie that exists is second to none.

Members work as a team, coming together to accept the challenges of making each project a success.

As the foundation and current President I acknowledge the trust bestowed in me and have been proud to take the club from its inception to the present day.

I thank each and every one of the members for their support and most of all their friendship.

Terry Hobson, President

Terry helps Secretary Jeanette Henry
cut the cake to celebrate the club's
15th birthday in 2010

Terry & Jeanette Henry celebrate 2010 birthday